Welcome at the Navona Institute, the epicentre for reflection, wisdom and alignment with the future for global leaders, diplomats and change makers.

Why we are here
As the year 2020 has only just begun, the current decennium is already referred to as the roaring twenties. We live in times of great disruption. Social structures are challenged by new paradigms and the quest for a new balance is felt in almost every corner of society. Meanwhile, some leading institutions are struggling with the raison d’ĂȘtre as their authority fades, while more and more people are searching for new guidance and leadership.

Our society is changing. For leaders to align with the future, it takes not only a deep understanding of what is happening in the undercurrent of our society, it also requires a different level of human consciousness than which they were born and raised with. The Navona Institute was founded to help and to guide private and public leaders who want to embrace this change and develop themselves, so they can make a lasting positive impact on tomorrow’s society.